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What We Do

Academic Talent is an Education Recruitment Agency that simply delivers the right candidate to the right school. With years of experience across Primary, Secondary and Special Education, it is safe to say that we get it right every time.
At the heart of everything we do:


We love what we do!

The impact Academic Talent have is extremely rewarding. It can be from career advice or interview tips to finding someone their dream job or helping a client hire the perfect person. This is where we get our fulfilment and satisfaction, so what are we waiting for? Let’s explore the opportunities within the educational world.

Our Expertise
  • Early Years
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education

Our Values


Keeping it simple!

We want our candidates and clients to receive the best possible outcome, so we are built on relentless commitment and driven by transparent process.


Getting it right the first time!

Selecting and engaging the right staff is essential for every school. Our significant recruitment process will not only reduce the time involved in, searching, interviewing and recruiting the perfect candidate, it also provides long term results.


Your vision is our passion!

Achieving your desired goal and providing you with the best outcome in the most meaningful way is what we consider to be a success. And so, it begins… Let’s create and celebrate success.


We are strong believers of candidates and clients come first!

We are driven by your satisfaction and there is only one way to do this… we want to get to know you, your needs and build our partnership.

Our Promise

“Education is not
preparation for life; education
is life itself”

John Dewey

For our current society, education is of utmost importance as there are so many influences coming from all directions; our qualified academic talents can help shape every child’s dream into reality.

We understand the complexities of children reacting to change and we are here to help you every step of the way, whether you are in a need of extra support, smooth transition or a stable team. We build tailored solutions for you by simply listening to what is important and understanding what is needed.

Extra pair of hands

No two days are the same in a school environment; you might have a staff absence or have new joiners who need extra support. We can provide you with a most suitable candidate so classes can go ahead and avoid any disruption to the pupils.

We know how essential this service is, so we make it easier for our schools by having a local academic talent available on a daily basis who knows how to teach the year group or subject required and also able to engage with the children.

Transition talents

We live in a constantly changing world and the pace of change is the most rapid that is has ever been. Although we embrace change with open arms, however it can also be overwhelming at times especially for our children and young pupils.

Transitions can include from nursery to school, primary to secondary, secondary to post 16 and midterm admissions. Having teaching assistants, learning support assistants, teachers for a term or an academic year depending on the needs can help to guide the children with the transition and prepare them for their next challenge.

Stable academics

Children benefit in a consistent high quality learning environments and learning experiences across settings and sectors. As children grow and develop, a continuous stable learning is essential for ensuring that academic success and development are built upon by consistent educational experiences.

Having a stable team of academics means the length of time spent with the pupils comes a level of understanding and investing in training and progression is also viable. Together we can build a team that can advance through their specialisms, take on future leadership positions and form a key part in our children’s growth.